Steam Gears
A steampunk odyssey.
A monument of mystery wrapped in a riddle.
Steam Gears
A steampunk odyssey.
MysticGlyph Lite
A monument of mystery wrapped in a riddle.
copyright 2011 Barrow West
Steam Gears Lite is a beautifully rendered, Steam Punk style strategy puzzle, created for iPhone and iPad users. Steam Gear Lite gives the user an introduction of 5 demanding levels where every move has a consequence. As the player completes each task within the level, gears and other mechanisms combine to become working machines. The player is challenged to complete each puzzle in the least number of moves, to both beat the set score, as well as their own previous score.  Steam Gears Lite is composed of tiles on a grid. Each tile represents one piece of a four piece machine. In each level there are four machines that must be completed to finish the level. The player slides each piece through a maze of other tiles to eventually place the tile in the correct position on the board. The game play is similar to a fifteen-puzzle but is definitely more fun to play due to the variation in difficulty and placement of tiles on the board.
    The game begins with a jabberwocky of poetic verse then moves on to a few simple instructions and finaly begins the puzzle portion with a short story of what the machine represents.

' Twas axle rig, and the gunny doves
Did wire and goggle in the lave;
All smokey were the airflow groves,
And the chrome wrath flout and wave.'
The sky conurbation is in peril of falling into the darness below the clouds. The “Eureka Machine” is in need of repair. Unfortunately, our steamgeneer was lost in an airship attack. You must figure out how to reassemble the parts and restore the populous to its heights above the clouds.
An introduction to the challenging levels of Steam Gears
Multiple ways to solve each puzzle
A game where you must consider the consequences of every move
Beautifully rendered graphics in a steampunk themed world
Machines and gears that move and function when assemble
Hours of rewarding fun
Immediate re-playability
Challenge yourself or your friends to complete each level
with the least number of moves

Steam Gears Lite
Steam Gears Lite - Barrow West
Steam Gears - Barrow West