Steam Gears
A steampunk odyssey.
A monument of mystery wrapped in a riddle.
Steam Gears
A steampunk odyssey.
MysticGlyph Lite
A monument of mystery wrapped in a riddle.
copyright 2011 Barrow West
MysticGlyph Lite, a monument of mystery wrapped in a riddle; recreated from the journals of Dr. J. S. Wyndham. A challenging puzzle where a single move can affect the final solution. Engage your perception and intellect in discovering the true meaning and purpose of the secrets it holds.

From the Journals of Dr. J. S. Wyndham : London, September 23, 1883 I have returned from my appointment with the curator of the British Royal Museum. My suspicions were confirmed about the authenticity of the  recently acquired Egyptian papyrus collection. They are indeed forgeries, however during my visit I was introduced to a curious device, donated by a well traveled, though deceased patron. The device consists of numerous interlocking metal slates composed of enameled tiles that, when re-assembled, create four glyphs of an unknown alphabet. I can only Imagine the clockwork of springs, gears and magnets that allow the tiles  to move in the way they do. I requested permission to return to further inspect the device and am excited to write that the curator has graciously conceded.

MysticGlyph Lite offers a fresh perspective on the sliding 15 tile puzzle genre. Taking the basic mechanics and creating a game that is both scalable to the skills of the user and challenging both in the logic of the solution and in the recognition of the glyphs themselves.

Engaging and unique game play in a sliding puzzle
Over 30 unique levels
Universal support for iPhone, Retina display and iPad
A puzzle within the puzzle to solve
Mysterious back story
Complete set of actual ancient symbols rendered in beautiful detail
Ramped game play from beginner to advanced
Scoring system based on number of moves
Ability to replay any level to increase your score
Saves 3 most recent moves to allow the player to undo
MysticGlyph Lite
MysticGlyph Lite - Barrow West